Human Creatures

by Ken Nash

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Music and lyrics ©Ken Nash 2013


released November 2, 2013

Ken Nash - guitar, vocals, keyboard
Pavel Drabek - bass, harmonium
Aurélie Shapiro - cello
Steve Cautious - percussion, guitar

Recorded and produced by Ken Nash
Mixed by Ken Nash & Steve Cautious


all rights reserved



Ken Nash Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

Prague-based singer/songwriter/cartoonist Ken Nash is part of a new vanguard of indie artists originating in Prague, Czech Republic. Though often referred to as “anti-folk” or “satirical folk,” Nash’s unique approach to songwriting can be a bit difficult to truly define – yet it never fails to connect with his audience, both as satire and with true emotion.” - PIMC (Prague Indie Music Collective) ... more

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Track Name: Gil Fleischman's Sister's Chest
When it’s hard / When the chips are down
When they set you up / to look like a clown
Don’t despair

Cuz there’s a place / where I go
To rest my head / ease my woes
A reprieve from the storm
Where it’s soft and oh so warm

A vestibule where I confess
The deeds I’ve done and my regrets
And all my troubles are redressed
When I dry my tears on Gil Fleischman’s sister’s chest

She don’t mind / That I’m not a mensh
I’m just a second stringer / who never gets called off of the bench
But when I’m stuck atop that wall
She’s the spot I long to fall
The landing pad for when I crash
The finish line to which I dash

Even if I fail that test
If nothing comes of all my best
All my woes I’ll lay to rest
When I dry my tears on Gil Fleischman’s sister’s chest

Peggy, you’re the one for me
In grade-school I was blind
But now I’m old and I can see
You’re much larger than other woman
But there’s more room there to dry my tears

You’re maybe not Fulbright scholar
But what I needs right beneath your collar
A mohair covered sanctuary
Waiting there for me

Even if I fail that test
If nothing comes of all my best
All my woes I’ll lay to rest
Cuz I’ll be cryin’ Ya, I’ll be cryin’ my eyes

Even if I fail that test
If I’m rebuked and sent to death
I’ll heave a sigh with my last breath
Cuz I’ll be cryin on Gil Fleischman’s sister’s chest
Track Name: Photo Booth
Four quarters in the slot
A swivel of the chair
Stare directly at the dot
Hold steady as a rock
Till the flashes disappear and the red light switches off.

Just chemicals on paper
Four lonely images emerging out of vapor
Who knows where they’ve been or where they’ll take her
But her backpacks in the car and she is ready to depart

The sky is open wide
In the evening shadows are so difficult to hide
She opens up the door and steps outside
And at the airport terminal she turns to say goodbye

Does anybody love you? Does any one even care about you?
And if they did would you know it? Would you dare Would you dare
to even let some body show it?

Teaching English is the past tense
At a call center station east of Bangalore
She saves up each and every last cent
To teach the future perfect when she gets to Singapore

A day spent in the market
She tries a satin jacket, finds a necklace in the pocket
A photo in a locket
The eyes stare back at her and she can almost here it talk

Does anybody love you? Does any one even care about you?
And if they did would you know it? Would you dare Would you dare
to even let some body show it?

My heart is full of chemicals
Each thought at night so bright ignites faint vestiges of light
Burns image after image on my bones
On my bone. On my bones.
On my bone. On my bones.
On my bones sa bones sa bone sa bone

If she stays far away. All that I have that remains
Is a strip of paper marred with stains
And nothing. Not nothing that can explain
Track Name: Like Her
I really like her and i think she really likes me
And I like that she like me too and maybe she likes that I like that she likes me
And maybe she likes what i like cuz they're like all the
things she likes too
And maybe our likes are so alike cuz I'm
so in like its true
in like with you

I want what you want which is what I
want I’m wanting to do
You want what went waiting when your wanting didn’t
know that you wanted me too
What I want is a wanting without waiting for a
wanting with no waiting left to do.
But what wanting wouldn’t want to keep on wanting when it’s wanting
for a wanting like I’m wanting you

wanting you

I like the rain it’s easier to like than not like liking rain
You like the sea,it’s like rain falling when the falling’s fallen wane
We like wetter weather cuz its better when the weather wishes it were wet too
And weather’s never better till it’s clinging like a sweater tightly clinging like I’m clinging to you

Our critical theory class
Those exams i couldn’t pass
Till you helped me finally grasp
Jaques Derrida and William Gass

Now everywhere I go
semiotics start to flow
I can not think of you
less I think about me thinking about you too

I’m painting myself painting myself painting myself painting you
You’re writing about yourself writing ‘bout yourself writing too
And maybe some day we’ll both stop thinking so much and do
something really something that can get our hearts a-thumping
instead of sitting here and bumping our heads in two
Track Name: Laundry Day
Separate the darks
Pull apart the whites
Lucky if the others
Ever come out bright
A box of all safe colors
a strip of fabric softener
It's laundry day again
without her

Waiting at the coin-op
Spin cycle hasn't spun
Married With Children on the TV
Forever in re-run
If I had a quarter
For every time she said "we're done."
I'd have fifty cents

The lint is tumbilng
Static clings to the air
An abandoned sock in Drier 6
It's always hard to keep them paired
And though I might regret it
I leave all she left right there

She smiles as I fold
People here don't often speak
They come here with their own troubles
I see them every other week
No laundry day's not for winners
but for those of us who've lost
The mismatched, the resistant
the pre-shrunk and the stretched out
the worn out the wrinkled
and the lost
Track Name: Sensitive Songwriter
Sensitive song---writer
Write me a sensitive song
But don’t play it too long
Because I got things to do

I know you care
About pollution in the air
And the rain forest. Tsunamis. .
And babies too

But I don’t have time
To stick around To hear your thoughts
Sensitive songwriter
Please don’t play too long

Sensitive song---writer
Write me a sensitive song
But don’t play it too long
Because I got things to do

I got a job
a wife and kid to feed
And a temperamental Yorkshire Terrier
That needs constant attention from me

I know you care
About the government
I know you’ve been put down and repressed
By the man

I know your heart
Has been mistreated and abused
But please don’t play to long
Because I got shit to do

Sensitive song---writer
Write me a sensitive song
But don’t play--ay it
too long

Sensitive song---writer
Play something sensitively
But wait to play it. Wait to play it
When I’m gone

I know you were hurt
by your parents
But they’re dead now and buried in the ground
So what they hey
I know you’re heart is scarred
By the things your ex-lover said
But you only need to fine a word
That rhymes with fucking asshole

Sensitive song---writer
Write me a sensitive song
But don’t play it.
Don’t play it….
Too long
Track Name: So Happy
I have it all
priceless paintings on the wall
marble tiles along the hall
summer homes, not one's too small

Spanish roses on the vine
and the most expensive wines
camera flashes, backstage passes
Oliver peoples glasses

a carbon footprint ten feet wide
conquered majestic mountain sides
private jets and carriage rides
so much success that I can't hide.

I'm so happy. I'm so happy.
So goddamn happy. Now she's gone.

Designer clothes from everywhere
styling gell whisked in my hair
golden tongue - got one here
compliments pour in my ear

I know many famous faces
been to the most exotic places
Got my money in the bank
and the stars above to thank

For being happy. Oh so happy.
So fuckin' happy. Now she's gone

Take my time, no where to rush
No longer need to take the bus
my shoe leather's made of leather
buy my jeans already weathered

I see people every where
Don't even notice she's not here
I've got it all why should I care
More joy than I can bare
Track Name: Ghost Town
i'm afraid of this town
I'm afraid of this town

If I try to leave it won't let me go
If I lose my way it won't lead me home
I'm afraid of this place

I'm afraid of this town
This forsaken town
When it's dark I can't find my way
Search for a light or a trace of day
I keep running into allies every one's a maze
it feels like I've been circling round and round for days

Empty windows in abandoned stores
Ashes rising up from its pours
I can feel a beating underground, a pulse beneath my feet
the subway cars are grinding like the gnashing of its teeth

And in the street
the people pass me by
they do not see me
Don't look me in the eye
Don't look me in the eye...

I'm afraid ...

I'm afraid of this town
this dirty faced clown
Waiting here with my memories
of the time when you were here with me
When we wandered through the allies and we were amazed
the possibilities we wore as lightly as our age
The mysteries behind each waiting door
The hidden stairwells we did explore

And I won't leave without her
No I will not leave without her
On this I stake my soul
On this I stake my soul

And I can not leave without her
No I can not leave without her
Cuz I've no where else to go
No where else to go
Track Name: I ♥ Zombie
Wait. Don’t put that finger in your mouth
Give me a little time to try and work things out
Wait. Don’t bite that ankle to the bone
If you resist the impulse, I can take you home

I am a man who loves Somebody who wants
To devour every part of me
In this cruel land I don’t understand
How a man could be in love with a zombie

Wait. My heart beats for you.
Doesn’t mean it’s there for you to take as food
We could find a way to get along
If you don’t eat me first, I’ll write you a song

She follows me through the streets
She wants a bite to eat
She thinks of me as meat
Why can’t she see me as me?

I try to talk to her
Before it gets too late
Don’t want to be for her
Just another dinner date

Wait. Have we reached the end?
Is there no more humanity for us now to defend?
I could be just like the one whom I adore
But I believe I’m more than just an omnivore

I am a man who loves.
Track Name: Lullaby
Sleep little darling sleep where you lay
Sleep ‘till the day fades away
Rest little darling lay down your head
Sleep now the zombies are dead.

There’s no need to worry, daddy’s right here
He won’t let the monsters come near
Try as they might do they won’t get to you
(Though spiders are something to fear)

The boogie man’s not home he’s run away
He’s gone to raise the dead from their graves
And outside our warm home the gremlins all moan
Cuz the vampires wanna make them their slaves

Sleep little darling lay down your head
The warewolves will soon be all dead

Hush little darling don’t make a peep
You’ll wake the trolls from the deep
Dream little angel gentle and sweet
No one will not find you to eat